2022 Student Art on the Marquee

Graham Adamson, Boston College, Vertical Neighborhood

I want to place a still facade of a generic apartment building on the Marquee and have video footage of people going about their daily lives playing within the window frames. I’ve added some mock-up images of roughly what that might look like including someone studying, someone eating, and the silhouette of someone showering behind a curtain. Ideally this project is playful and lighthearted, something that will put smiles on the faces of passersby.

Graham is a junior at Boston College studying Communications and Studio Art. He enjoys working behind the camera and collaborating with others to make ideas come to life on the screen. The son of two architects, much of Graham’s photography is architectural in nature and more concerned with form than subject. Hoping to one day move into the films industry, Graham is looking to transition into more and more video production in the coming years.


Runzi Cheng, Boston College, Auspicious Clouds

Auspicious Clouds is an exciting imagination of traditional Chinese architecture mixed with traditional Chinese artistic elements. The religious building, the Temple of Heaven (Beijing, China), is set at the center of the image. On top of the Temple of Heaven is a rooftop tip from one of the surrounding architectures. The rooftop tip perfectly lines up with the temple, leaving a vast space between the two subjects. Colorful auspicious clouds (representing good fortune and heaven) float across the sky between the temple and the rooftop.

Runzi (Harley) Cheng is a junior at Boston College studying film studies and economics. He is passionate about filmmaking, focusing on cinematography, video editing, and photography. Influenced by his traditional Chinese background, Runzi likes to reflect the interaction/conflict between eastern and western culture in his works. Runzi seeks to bring his passion and skill into the film industry in the coming years.


Katie Jablonski, Fitchburg State University, The Lake

The Lake is a piece composed of four paintings made from the same reference. The large scale of the marquee allows the exploration of details that are often overlooked. By breaking down the landscape into constantly shifting quadrants, the viewer must push details from each quarter together and invent their own bigger picture. This hodgepodge style and subject matter are inspired by my late grandmother and her love for creating for the sake of having fun.

Katie Jablonski is a graduate student going for a degree in Art Education. She has a passion for creating art and teaching others how to have fun with it. Her love for art was instilled at an early age by her grandmother. She encouraged Katie to play with art because “Life is not that serious, why should art be?”.


Ren Evans, Massachusetts College of Art & Design, brushwork

Combining oil paint and stop motion ‘brushwork’ consists of a series of experimental animations exploring the coalition of painterly texture and human anatomy. This piece reflects on identity as well as the autonomy of creation.

Ren (she/her/hers) is an interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker exploring unconventional storytelling and innovative forms which encapsulate themes of home, identity, and escapism. Currently, Ren is pursuing a BFA in Film/Video with a minor in Creative Writing at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.


Tristan Lajarrige, SMFA at Tufts University, Hiding Piece

These images result from a performance in which I tried to evade being photographed by a 360 camera, a device that captures everything in its environment. Using a self-timer, I had ten seconds to run to a hiding spot before the camera took a picture. Although the twelve animated photographs in this piece look identical, I am hiding someplace different in each of them. Therefore, instead of recording human activity, the camera unsuccessfully surveils a forest, a place generally not worth monitoring because of its distance from modern society.

Tristan Lajarrige is a visual artist from Montreal. He is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at SMFA at Tufts in Boston and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Concordia University. In his work, Tristan aims to disrupt the authority of the camera and other electronic devices by recontextualizing them in new and subversive situations. His projects combine photography with performance, play, and satire to disarm technologies that usually discipline us.


Emarie Pantojas, Lesley University, Peace and Serenity

I want to display scenes of nature so one can sympathize with the environment and appreciate what the world can offer. An appreciation for the process of growth. My display would look like a mountain valley with a waterfall coming down toward the middle. Followed by a butterfly/flower transition to the lower side of the valley where the stream is settled. There is more greenery and flowers in the next image. The bottom panels will display water flowing with flowers and petals following the stream.

I am an Animation and Motion Media student at Lesley University and strive to create art with intention. My art is made to provoke emotion and inform. I work with many mediums right now but my main interest is storytelling, 2D animation, and Visual Development.


Jess Pouncy, SMFA at Tufts University, Neon Habitat

Miniature sculptural installations explore world building through amorphous objects and found materials. These micro-scenarios take on otherworldly narratives when magnified larger than life. Using consumer-grade animation applications and digital touch, child-like drawings bounce between split screens. Do the drawings awaken the dormant sculptures?  Or does the line manipulate the vivid landscape as a playground for their antics? The answer exists only in the imagination of the viewer.

Jess Pouncy is a recent MFA graduate from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University. Pouncy’s interdisciplinary practice explores relationships between anatomically-adjacent abstract forms and vibrant otherworldly environments that evoke a child-like sense of wonder. The meaning of these scenarios bounce between sexualized fantasies and whimsical playthings. Pouncy asks the audience to imagine wild narratives and question the perceived value of objects.


Jessica Robey, Fitchburg State University, Vishnu

Vishnu, the “all pervasive,” is one of the Hindu Trimurti, gods who control the cosmos. As Brahman, he is the Cosmic Principle of the universe, and dreams our world into existence. In this piece, Vishnu’s waking and dream states are represented by the animal’s eye that opens and closes on the lower register, and the cycle of creation, being, and destruction of our reality is played out in response above.

Jessica Robey is an artist and art historian, and has been a professor of art history at Fitchburg State University since 2007. She earned her BFA in photography at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, and a PhD in art history at UCSB. She is currently completing a M.Ed. in art at FSU. Her studio work includes small metals/jewelry, mixed media/assemblage, photography, and now video.


Grace Sinclair, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Garden’s Floor

The Garden Floor is a series that explores the mystical realm of a garden’s floor, a place where foraged plant matter bloom and decay, creating a reposing bouquet.

Grace Sinclair is an artist working at the intersection of art and environmentalism. She is interested in creating immersive artwork that speaks to the powerful emotional and physiological reaction that we as humans have to nature and living organisms; a space in which nature blends with ourselves. For Grace, it has been a place of healing, wonder, and inspiration. Frequenting botanical and natural themes, Grace seeks to make art that recreates and explores that ethereal and pure connection.


Oliver Trask, Massachusetts College of Art & Design, UFO!

UFO! is an homage to classic B movies and serials with an updated aesthetic. This 3D animated piece is a celebration of a sci-fi staple. It will also act as a pace breaker for the slower media the screen usually displays, as the calm nighttime scene breaks into alien excitement.

Oliver Trask is a sophomore at MassArt majoring in Film/Video. He has a passion for motion design and narrative filmmaking. In his spare time, Oliver enjoys photography, music and performing arts.



Haoyi Wang, Boston College, City of Lights

City of Lights is an exploration of different lantern festivals in Asian cultures. Lanterns slowly rise from the bottom of the screen after being let go in the river. As the lanterns float up the screen they will disappear and lanterns of a new culture will rise from the bottom. In the background there will be a moving landscape of the city whose culture is being represented.

Haoyi Wang is a junior at Boston College studying studio art and finance. She enjoys creating works in various mediums, including oil painting, charcoal drawings, digital designs, and, most recently, animations. Her animated works are heavily influenced by her oil paintings and explorations of realistic portraiture. She is also influenced by Asian culture and has created many works with such representation in mind.


2019 Student Art on the Marquee

Paola Almonte Colon, Lesley University, Blossom

Blossom is about a flower growing from leaves and blooming into a beautiful flower, the spring theme to show the new beginning of life. This is connected to American Sign Language, which is the sign for flower or growth. The bottom panel shows the word Blossom, for a still image for the people to read on the Marquee. The hand is representing as a flower. The hand flower move gently in the wind, as a tiny flower fall and the leaves emerge from the ground to start a new life.

Paola Almonte is a Freshmen student in Lesley University. She loves making animation based on nature, animals, and more. She also loves the idea of combining art and technology together. Paola is influenced by Deaf culture when she was growing up, and learned American Sign Language. She hopes to spread awareness of Deaf culture to many people through the art of animation. Paola wants to pursue a career in 3D computer animation, telling stories and spreading awareness about Deaf culture.

GiGi Bennett, Lesley University, Windows

The marquee screens appear as windows that display mixed media collages that make up landscapes with subtle animations.

Gigi Bennett is currently pursuing a BFA in Animation and Motion Media at Lesley University College of Art and Design. She enjoys working in a variety of mediums, and allows her knowledge and experience in each medium to contribute to the others. Approaching her work in this way allows her to develop pieces in a variety of styles with concepts that include human connection to nature, thought processes, and relationships.

Emely Burgos Arroyo, Lesley University, Star Child

Stars slowly rise from the bottom of the screen. At the top, a small child stands on a star, gently hopping down from one to the next in order to remain on screen.

Emely Burgos is a junior Illustration student at Lesley University with a minor in animation. She loves traditional animation, bringing her characters to life, and is inspired by the immersive films by Hayao Miyazaki. Starry night skies are frequently included in her works.

Vath Doangpratheep, Lesley University, springtime!

springtime! is a mixed media animated piece about a busy bee going to and from different flowers to pollinate them!

Vath Doangpratheep is a Thai-American illustrator and animator studying at Lesley University. She likes to play at the crossroads where 2D mediums meet digital art.

Ariel Grubb, Lesley University, …And Beyond

A forest is a community of entities that depend upon each other to sustain their lives; easily endangered, especially at human hands. And Beyond invites the viewer to step into the environment – as long as they tread lightly. We see a dark, subtly glowing forest setting filled with trees, bioluminescent mushrooms, and gardens of colorful flowers. Beyond, we see a galaxy, glowing jellyfish, and butterflies. And Beyond represents a world untouched by man, allowing a witness to enter if they dare.

Ariel Grubb is an animator, character designer, and visual developer currently attending Lesley University as an Junior undergraduate Animation major. Ariel’s showcase of work includes digital and experimental animation, character designs, and illustrations, utilizing Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and various experimental techniques including direct on 35mm film animation. Ariel is inspired by animals, color, and texture, and works through different mediums to create worlds based in fantasy.

Parker Halliday, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Shoots and Ladders

Shoots and Ladders is a handmade film project made by drawing and collaging negatives and found footage on clear 16mm film. Collaging resonates with many as something personal, as they recall old family scrapbooks and late nights making collages with friends. Shoots and Ladders embodies the fun and nostalgia of childhood. The lower screens will show handmade film combined with digital collage of feet walking as if walking through the city.

Parker Halliday is a second-year student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design studying Film/Video. She has an interest for combining film and collage, exploring how personal the connection is between the viewer and artist as if it is a family scrapbook.

Yiqian “Hugh” Hua, Emerson College, Viewing The World

Viewing The World is a piece about my perspective of reconstruction of figure of Avalokitesvara. The direct translation of Avalokitesvara in Chinese is the sound of viewing the world. In tale, Avalokitesvara has thousands of eyes and hands to hear people’s suffering and then help them. In my work, I use different people’s hands, faces and eyes to reconstruct it in order to show connection between human bings.

Yiqian “Hugh” Hua, from China, is studying in Emerson College Graduate program. He is a storyteller, video creator and film maker.

Allyson Wyman, Lesley College of Art and Design, Looking far Beyond

The Astronauts will slowly float up and down. One with his arms crossed while the other points to a shooting star. The said star will move and the stars will slightly twinkle. The screens below will show the moon with little details such as the American flag, a space ship, and a space rover. In the middle screen it’ll show the planets to fill up space.

Allyson Wyman is a freshman animation student as Lesley College of Art and Design. She enjoys the look of hand drawn animation as well as stop motion. She hopes to learn and experience more ways to animate while attending Lesley.

2018 Student Art on the Marquee

Nicole Airey, Lesley University, Some Day

The piece starts with a box labeled ‘Open Someday’. A hand is seen cautiously opening the box. The rain clears out of the background as a new universe is opened up. We see an animated figure in front of a galaxy background, as well as rockets gliding along both screens in exploration. The rockets reach the end of the screen and continue their voyage. The figure fades into the background and flowers start to fall from the top of the screen, back into the box that started it all.

Nicole Airey is a Junior at Lesley University. She is inspired by her spirituality and loves to incorporate the universe into her works. She is very interested in the therapeutic effect that art is capable of creating. She works to create a mood in each piece she creates and has a love for color. She aspires to be involved in both Animation and Illustration, as well as Art Therapy.

Reggie Blanchard, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Expressive Guacomole

Expressive Guacamole explores the idea of documenting the process of preparing & making guacomole, by animating faces on the ingredients to personify them. In addition, there will be close ups of the ingredients to show various textures with handwritten typography placed on top.

Reggie Blanchard is a Fine Art Major with a focus in Graphic Design and is enthused by illustrative driven works exploring typography to animation.

Jenny DeMarines, Lesley University, Hint of Process

Hint of Process portrays the mind of a creative person, working their mental gears to come up with something new. Hint of Process make the viewer think about how the mix-match characters created on the other screen could only happen with the power of the artist behind it. Art cannot exist without the artist and vice versa. One cannot exist without the other, so both are equally important.

Jenny DeMarines is a Junior animation student at Lesley University. She has an interest in interactive digital media and how the audience, or player helps create the story of her work. With interests in many mediums, Jenny has a love for mystery and suspense, hoping to create video games of the same genre in her future.

Carolin Diaz, University of Massachusetts Boston, Under the Sea

Under the Sea is a small relaxing preview of sea life that might bring about summer and happy thoughts, using stop motion animation.

Carolin Diaz is a first generation college student receiving her degree in Studio Art and a minor in English. She loves art, traveling, food, and experiencing new things. She always loves an adventure!

Gergana Ivanova, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Relaxation

The project represents happiness and relaxation. It shows the relationship between beautiful colors, water and glass stones. The stones falling and rolling in the water on a slow motion are sending message to the viewer for our everyday life. Some of them are dropping faster, some of them slower and some of them are sinking better then others. The round shapes of the stones is giving us the idea of fullness, completion and softness. The sky, ocean and land are symbols of peace and beauty.

Gergana Ivanova was born and raised in Sofia-Bulgaria, graduated BA at University in Sofia. Moved to USA, Arlington, MA in 2002. After working 8 years in the financial field, she realized that she always wanted to do ART. In 2010 she went to Bunker Hill Community College majoring in Graphic and Interactive Design, and is currently a BFA student at UMASS Lowell.

Meg Makiej, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Dripping Paint

The top two screens have rainbow paint dripping while changing colors continuously, and the bottom screens have pictures of the paint that have dripped with the words “Love is love” coming up by the time the last screen is presented. The bars are continuously changing to each color of the rainbow. This was inspired by my belief that anyone should be able to love whomever they desire, and that love is beautiful.

Meg Makiej is a graphic design major at UMass Lowell with a love of photography. She uses her photography and design to distract herself from the horrors of the world today but to also bring to light certain issues that need to be addressed.

Sophia Loureiro, Lesley University, Blinds

The animation will display a set of blinds in which a simplified animal will be displayed. The blinds will flip around to the other side, thus displaying a different simplified animal. This will loop for approximately four different animal variations.

Sophia Loureiro attends Lesley University as a freshman animation major. Other than making art, playing video games are her true passion.

Anastasia Ricoy, Lesley University, Dinner Together

Food has a special place in all of our hearts. Food brings families together, comfort us when we’re alone, and strengthen our bonds with one another. Dinner Together illustrates unity between different food dishes among a group becoming a shared moment. The viewers watch from a vertical point of view to see the dishes and leaves interpretation whether the viewer is at the table or watching a moment in action.

Anastasia Ricoy is a double major Illustration and Animation student, studying at Lesley University. She has the ability to bring her illustrations and characters to life with a unique and distinctive vibrancy through the use of bold color palettes. Anastasia finds inspiration within animation, graphic novels, and video games, hoping to one day create within those fields.

Jacob Schaub, School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University, Everything Must Go

Everything Must Go is an ongoing project taking the form of video, designed objects, performance, writing, and discussion with the mission to preserve as much of earth’s culture and capital as humanity moves to Mars. This video is a propaganda piece for this effort with the goal of provoking people to begin to think about the questions concerning Earthen and Martian living situations.

Jacob Schaub is a second year graduate student at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University. His work is centered on investigating fear of impending disaster and the human response to it.

Sheila Vo, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Far Out

Far Out is an animation of a pinball machine. The pinball machine represents an object that is nostalgic, but it also represents our individual relationship with space. The animation starts with the coil spring launching the pinball into “outer space.” The pinball hits off the board, the buttons and eventually falls in to end the game.

Sheila Vo is a junior graphic design student at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. She enjoys working with different mediums in art and has a new found interest in motion graphics.

Gabrielle Zarrella, Lesley University, The Happy House

The Happy House is a 30 second short following a tall, tall house with a love for the moon. Waking from her sleep, she gives her friend the moon a tap to light up the sky!

Gabrielle Zarrella is a senior animation student at Lesley College of Art and Design. She enjoys experimenting with stop motion and digital mixed media animation. She explores themes of the human imagination by creating surreal and whimsical environments for her storytelling and works.

2017 Student Art on the Marquee

Isabel Beavers, School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University, As The Ice Melts

A digital animation showing Arctic marine algal species that bloom out of control due to climate change. The screens are interactive, beginning with the algae slowly moving and spinning. After 30 seconds, the algae on the bottom screen have taken over the entire display.

Isabel Beavers is an MFA candidate at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University, with a background in Natural Resources and field science. Her practice integrates the arts and sciences, and currently addresses climate change in the Arctic marine ecosystem.

BlanchardReggie Blanchard, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Free Flight

Free Flight explores the idea of utilizing illustrations of hot air balloons flying up the Marquee. The lower screens are bordered with window sill illustrations where the hot air balloons take initial flight and continue to fly up to the top the vertical screens. The interaction between the lower screens and upper sticks create a playful feeling as the hot air balloons ascend into the space.

Reggie Blanchard is a Sophomore Graphic Design major at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. He enjoys learning and exploring different aspects of design and illustration to improve his growing skill sets.

DeMarinesJennifer DeMarines, Lesley University, Tarot

When humans are curious, they feel a motivation, a drive to learn and discover. Tarot calls on that curiosity as large tarot card neon signs blink to grab the viewers’ attention, then lean to peak at the lower screens. These screens play a video of a tarot reading. A mix of neon signs, live POV video, and animated tarot cards, will create a mysterious feel so those who see it wonder what the fortune means and contemplate the meaning of their own future.

Jennifer DeMarines is a sophomore animation student at Lesley University. She has an interest in interactive digital media and how the viewer, audience, or player helps create the story of her work. With interests in many mediums, Jennifer has a love for mystery and suspense, hoping to create video games of the same genre in her future.

MahoneyArthur Mahoney, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Fee-fie-fo-fum

Fee-fie-fo-fum is a moment from the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk. The support columns in green and beanstalk sprouting up the Upper Sticks serve to communicate the story with the beanstalk as a central pillar. The growing plants and moss traveling across the tall marquee outside of the BCEC overlook all of Boston. This project is meant to take advantage of the dimensions of the display.

Arthur is a Graphic Design major and fingerpainter at UMass Lowell. This is his tallest finger painting to date.

Xuefei Mao, University of Massachusetts Boston, Red Dragonfly

Red Dragonfly is an animation showing the dragonfly’s vision through its movement which includes the plants, other animals and natural beauty around it. It shows a harmonious relationship between animals and nature. This video can help people to relax during their rapid paced life.

Xuefei (Finnie) Mao is completing her senior year at University of Massachusetts Boston and planning to graduate with a B.A. in Art in December, 2017. She is very interested in creating original illustration art, picture book, photography and would welcome the opportunity to contribute her computer ability, drawing skill and creativity to more art activities.

MooreMichelle Moore, Montserrat College of Art, Thread

The animation will start with a solid color and then tear to reveal stars, eggs, chili peppers and more. As these objects spew out of the fabric, a needle will come in and fix the rip. All of the objects that came out will float in the bottom screen.

Michelle Moore is an Animation senior at Montserrat College of Art. She works mostly digitally but also paints traditionally as well. Her animations deal with the emotional and physical transformation of objects and people into other forms.

MorrisonRebecca Morrison, Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Glass Half Thawed

Glass Half Thawed combines video from the Cape Cod National seashore and stop-motion animation made during Boston’s “snowpocalypse” of 2015. In the animation, the winter weather is brought indoors and transformed into animated still life that describes ephemeral beauty while hinting at issues of rising global temperatures and sea levels.

Rebecca Morrison is a Boston based multimedia artist and arts educator. She is currently an MFA candidate in Massachusetts College of Art’s Film & Video program.

Karen Ortiz, University of Massachusetts Boston, Blowing Bubbles

Few things are as simple as blowing bubbles, a mixture of water and soap, and yet many consider it a fun thing to do. This piece is about enjoying the simple things. It may also bring some childhood memories of playing outside to mind.

Karen Ortiz is currently a student at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, and is majoring in art. She also has an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design from Massasoit Community College. She has a broad range of interests and often likes to take an interdisciplinary approach when it comes to art projects.

Jack Turnbull, Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Roger Otto: Dinosaur Skateboarder

A selection of animated loops that illustrate and highlight a variety of Boston’s iconic architecture structures that are often frequented by Boston Skateboarders. Dinosaur skateboarder Roger Otto displays “tricks”, which are easily viewed and cognitively deciphered in animated loops.

Jack Turnbull is a multimedia artist who works in graphic novels, animation and fine art. He is the author of several books, including Roger Otto: Dinosaur Skateboarder. You can learn more about him at www.jackturnbull.com

UptonSarah Upton, Montserrat College of Art, Summer Day

This work is revisiting a concept from a past animation. It is a combination of painting skills and digital animation mediums to bring together tranquil images. It features an outdoor scene being pushed and pulled by wind to produce a feeling of calm and tranquility in its viewers.

Sarah M. Upton is a current Animation & IM senior at Montserrat College of Art. Much of her work combines her love of painting and interest in using various techniques in programs including Photoshop and Maya, for the sake of illustration and animation.

ValamanashFarinaz Valamanesh, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Puzzle

Puzzle signifies Autism through its iconic symbols. The screens display puzzles with images of blue skies while clouds drift slowly across. Individual pieces of different shapes gradually fade away and reveal the light inside.

Farinaz Valamanesh is a graphic design student at UMass Lowell. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in her home country of Iran. She enjoys many aspects of art and design, which led her to follow her passion in life and pursue a career in Design.

YangXueyi Yang, Emerson College, Boston Night

A timelapse project which shows the city’s rhythm and energy from night to day.

Xueyi Yang is a filmmaker who was born in Beijing, China, and is currently studying film and media art in Emerson College as a MFA student.

ZarrellaGabrielle Zarrella, Lesley University, Elevate

Elevate captures a world where space travel has just become available to the people of earth. Guests line up to experience the luxuries of space. With electro-powered trains and elevators used as transportation to the largest observation planet,vacationers are guaranteed out of this world views!

Gabrielle Zarrella is a junior graphic design and motion media student at Lesley College of Art and Design. She enjoys experimenting with stop motion and digital mixed media animation. She explores themes of the human imagination by creating surreal and fictional environments for storytelling and her works.

ZimblemanKandice Zimbleman, University of Massachusetts Boston, Whimsical Jackalope In Spring

Background of Spring Theme Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Tree, back-lit by the sun & sunbeams which rotate, set on a hill w/swaying grass. A Jackalope character (South-Mid Western Folklore resembling rabbit w/antlers) w/fancy decorated antlers Tribal Fusion Décor, pops up in different sections of the scenery (bottom lower screens) about 5 seconds of animation a number of times per 30 second video sequence. Antlers’ décor included jewels & dangling tassels. Jackalope has articulated ears & blinking eyes.

Kandice Zimbleman studied Animation at UARTS Phila (1994-1998) on Saturday Scholarships, Graduated Art Institute of Phila with AS in Computer Animation 2001. Worked on projects for: Nick Jr., Noggin, HBO Family, PBS Kids. Worked at “Top Cow Inc.” of Image Comics (Witchblade), multiple times entrepreneur/business owner. Currently furthering education at UMASS Boston to HD.

2016 Student Art on the Marquee

ChenDan Chen, MIT, In Motion

In Motion is inspired by the location of the conventions center, where people come and go via train, bus, flight, … etc. This video syncs all motions in one direction, symbolizes the different journey that we took to get here. On the other side of the Marquee will have reverse motion, symbolizes people leaving the center.

Dan Chen is a designer, maker & engineer. He worked as a Research Assistant at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He completed his MFA at the Rhode Island School of Design. He has over 7 years of design experience, working at IDEO as a Senior Designer, The Economist group as a product designer, and Morningstar Inc. as a designer and developer. Dan was a TA for “How to Make Almost anything”, a design and fabrication class at MIT. His work has been featured in media such as CNet, Huffington Post, theverge, Engadget and Dailymail.


GiurleoElena Giurleo, UMAss Lowell, Shooting Stars

As humans, we forget to stop and appreciate the beauty of nature and rely on screens for entertainment. The larger screens will be a night sky with animated shooting stars. The smaller screens will be a close up of eyes looking up with a shooting star animated across the eye.

Elena Giurleo is currently a senior at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell, MA. She is studying graphic design and will be graduating in May 2016. Elena has a passionate drive for design and values learning something new every day.


Jennifer Mayer, UMAss Lowell, Neural Impulse

The tallest main panels represent the brain with neurons firing off; lights animated along them to represent electrical impulses. As the lights reach towards the bottom of the screen, the eyes at the bottom panels would blink. The smaller panels represent the path of the impulse along individual neurons.

Jennifer Mayer is a New Hampshire native that is attending school at UMass Lowell for a degree in graphic design. She enjoys all aspects of design, as well as illustration and animation. She loves to learn and hopes to find a career that is equally challenging and educational.


CurleyPatrick Curley, UMAss Lowell, Ancient Aliens

This will be cut paper & scanned for animation. Pyramids are static objects initially. UFO will fly into frame, move around & come to a stop. As it hovers it will emit a green beam, hieroglyphics will scroll. Pyramids will emit beams and eventually disappear alongside UFO, leaving no trace.

Patrick is a graphic design student at UMass Lowell where he is the Vice President and active member of the UMass Lowell AIGA student group. With knowledge gained from professors and peers Patrick is constantly updating his visual and conceptual vocabulary that has emerged through his love for graphic design.


HoltsbergWilliam Holtsberg, UMAss Lowell, Look Up

Stars and night sky; shooting stars will fly around the screen, form one panel to another, eventually falling down. They will fall down to Earth and explode on impact, causing a fireball on the bottom screens. Bottom light bars will be a solid dark color, black or a dark blue.

I am William Holtsberg, Bill for short. I am a Graphic Designer who attends UMass Lowell. I enjoy sports, music and working on my Jeep. I enjoy working with Photoshop and InDesign, which I have many years of experience with. My favorite genres are comedy and horror.


EstevezIsidro Estevez, UMAss Lowell, Wild Wild World

This installation design is focused on Art, with the idea to represent the beauty and abundance of nature by using illustrations. The designs on screens 4 and 7 will be identical and morph into different animals. All the other screens will have growing patterns of leaves or abstract designs change color.

Born in the Dominican Republic, I came to the United States when I was 4 and a half years old. I grew up between Lawrence, MA and the Dominican Republic and entered UMass Lowell pursuing an Engineering degree. Eventually I switched to Graphic Design and have been growing and loving it ever since.


ZavaletaMaria Zavaleta, UMAss Lowell, You Are What You Eat

This graphic animation explores the idea “You are what you eat”.  The cascading sprinkles will form different molecules which you find inside of a donut. Sugar, water, hydrogen, and other molecules fall onto the doughnut and land on a bed of sprinkles.

Maria Zavaleta is a Junior graphic design student at the University of Massachusetts Lowell who is working on completing her BFA by 2017.  She explores all aspects of graphic design and motion graphics.


Emily Pacht, UMAss Lowell, Team Work

A ball is dropped onto the first gear, spinning it towards the right and dropping the ball to the second gear. The second gear moves to the left passing the ball to the next, and so on until it falls into the ball pit at the bottom.

Emily Pacht is currently a senior at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. She is currently working towards a degree in art and hopes to pursue a career in art and design.


marquee_SB1Michelle Moore, Montserrat, Jellyfish Love

By using the height of the marquee, the jellyfish will enter from the very bottom of the screen. They will float through the space and entangle in each other then exit. It will be a soothing and endless loop.

Michelle Moore is an animator and is currently a  junior at Montserrat College of Art. She works mostly digitally but does traditional work as well. Her animations explore the physical and emotional morphing of individual people into other creatures.


TsaiDennis Tsai, MassArt, Ambush from Ten Sides

Ambush from Ten Sides is a Chinese idiom.  I experimented different speed, colors and mediums to deliver the feeling of it.

My name is Dennis Tsai (Chen-Che, Tsai). I am from Taiwan, and a sophomore student in MassArt double majoring Animation and Film/Video.


2015 Student Art on the Marquee

Barreto_StillDaniel Baretto, Exponent Sea

Exponent Sea explores the contrast between light and sea creatures. On the top of the screens, a hand turns on and off a switch of light in repetition. Every time the light goes on again another creature appears. Eventually,  there will be none.

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Baretto is currently living and studying at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. He likes to create gifs and surreal animations.


Hangis_HilltopFlight_StillJoseph Hangis, Hilltop Flight

A young dragon on a dangerous hilltop is inspired to fly by a matured dragon flying by in the distance; giving the marquee a nice thirty second inspirational story to show.

I am a game animation major student who is always looking a art challenge.
I have been certified in Adobe Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator by DigitalTutors.com.
I created a webcomic on Tapastic.com called the Preney Life. Link: http://tapastic.com/series/The-Preney-life
I have also won the Grace N. Aznive – Visual Art Award for “Outstanding talent and achievement”.


Murrin_Relations_StillAmanda Murrin, Relations

Relations is about making visual connections within my family geneology. It is an exploration of my thesis that probes my connections to my family through design and motion. We are all connected by blood, but my explorations exemplify connections between my paternal and maternal sides through images and patterns which are inspired by family heirlooms. It is also taking tangible objects and interpreting it into digital forms. The pattern starts at the outer edges of the Marquee’s screen and sporadically begins to connect to form one pattern. Behind the pattern are several images from two ancestral backgrounds, which illustrates the beginning of their integration.

I am a senior graphic design student at UMASS Lowell. During my last semester I am working on my thesis project, which is a visual catalog of my family history. I am also an active member and secretary in the AIGA Lowell chapter in which we focus on creating a community for students not only studying design but those interested in design.


Gold_PreviewDaniel Gold, Rise

This work is meant to show the journey we all must take on the road find our inner light. We all have found ourselves feeling like the weight of the world is on our shoulders, but it takes patience and perseverance to rise up and find the light of love.

I am 25 years old. I attended Emerson Undergraduate, and currently attend MassArt as a Graduate student. My work is a huge passion of mine, but has never been publicly shown. It is such an honor to be displayed on the marquee! I pass by it everyday on my way home to South Boston.


Stein_Vessels_StillJeffrey Stein, Vessels

Vessels is art visualizing blood cells in a blood stream, giving the screens a heart beat. With every beat, the vessels slow down and speed up rapidly.

My major is Graphic Design. I enjoy designing magazines, posters, and exploring typography. I have had my own business in production of T-shirts for about 6 years now. I taught myself to screen print and built up many clients including Smith College, Ohio Student Education Association and even created a gift shop in Kaptain Jimmy’s Distillery. I live and breathe design.


Racamato_LetterLand_StillKristen Racamato, Letter Land

Letter Land is an animation of an amusement park scene constructed entirely of letter forms. Using scale, arrangement and color, the letters work together to build iconic amusement park rides. Viewers are taken along the course of a roller coaster while a ferris wheel and swinging ship play on the two lower screens. An abstract and comical representation; Letter Land is an exploration of typography and its capabilities beyond the tradition.

Kristen Racamato is from Wakefield Massachusetts and currently studies Graphic Design at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. She has many different interests and passions among the arts including graphic design animation, illustration, and sculpture. Letter Land is the product of one of her first animations and she looks forward to pursuing a career that involves motion graphics and animation.


Diaz_PostCards_StillBrandi Diaz, Post Cards to My Future Selves

Post Cards to My Future Selves embodies the idea of tangible memory in the form of a sculptural film diary. The piece uses multi-screen to comment on the bittersweet relationship film has to memory, and the way our minds struggle to access the past.

Brandi Diaz is a boston based filmmaker and visual artist. She primarily works with moving picture to explore techniques in filmic essay, video projection, and film portraiture.



2014 Student Art on the Marquee

The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA) and Boston Cyberarts issued the second student media art call for display on the Marquee at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. The second round of students were:

AmicoJoseph Amico, Community

Community is a 30-second video showing the mechanical components of a clock.  In the work, the Marquee surface will cut away to reveal parts of the clock’s internal machinations, leaving passersby with an enchanting impression of how the slow independent gears are working together towards a common goal.  Amico, a 21-years old undergraduate at the University of Massachusetts Lowell is a student of Ellen Wetmore. He focuses on sculpture with a particular interest in Steampunk. Interested in fine arts since his first year of high school when he made small sketches of characters and traced work, his main passion has always been building things.


LafrifaJohn Lafirira, Slow

Slow explores the mechanics of different objects, such as the ubiquitous slinky, and the facets of life being experienced in very slow motion, recorded at speeds of up to 1500 frames per second. Lafirira is a junior film production major at Fitchburg State University who interns at Rule Boston Camera, while working freelance as a camera assistant and operator in the greater New England area.  At Fitchburg he is a student of Paul Concemi and Jeffu Warmouth. According to John, “I have a passion for technology and challenging myself!”



McGrathHannah McGrath,  Sunken Cities

Sunken Cities uses mixed-media stop motion animation and video to show a fanciful description of life above the water’s surface and what lies beneath Boston’s water supply.  From 1930-1939 Boston built the Quabbin Reservoir by flooding the towns of Dana, Enfield, Prescott and GreenwichThe bitterly disputed project went as far as the Massachusetts Supreme Court.  Hannah, student of Ellen Wetmore, is a Junior at University of Massachusetts Lowell.   A painter and an animator, she’s part of the Student Art Union, paints murals for the Lawrence Senior Center, and is currently employed to create animations for a production of Pentucket Players production of Spamalot at Merrimack Community College.


Youjin Moon, Landscape

Landscape, explores the imagined possibilities of a multi-layered landscape–layering ink painting with video of surface water and images of the city of Boston to create, or break down, boundaries between fictive and real space.

Youjin is a visual artist from Busan, Korea who works and lives in Boston. She is currently an MFA candidate in film/video at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where she is a student of Georgie Friedman. She has exhibited in several national and international shows. Recent exhibitions include the 2014 US and Canadian Experimental Film Showcase at the Uplink Theater in Tokyo, Japan; 12th Annual Boston Cinema Census at the Brattle Theater in Cambridge; Binghamton Student Experimental Film Festival in NY; Bakalar and Paine Gallery and Gallery 263 in Boston. www.youjinmoon.com

Moon Water on MarsYoujin Moon, Water on Mars

For Water on Mars, Moon was inspired by surface imagery of Mars and moving water to create a fantastic fictional landscape. Aiming to transform elusive, atmospheric phenomena into imaginative space, the work focuses on the visual impact and the meaning of a particular moment in time. The work captures an unconventional scene, creating an environment that will stimulate the viewer’s imagination.  Her second work, Landscape, explores the imagined possibilities of a multi-layered landscape–layering ink painting with video of surface water and images of the city of Boston to create, or break down, boundaries between fictive and real space.

Youjin is a visual artist from Busan, Korea who works and lives in Boston. She is currently an MFA candidate in film/video at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where she is a student of Georgie Friedman. She has exhibited in several national and international shows. Recent exhibitions include the 2014 US and Canadian Experimental Film Showcase at the Uplink Theater in Tokyo, Japan; 12th Annual Boston Cinema Census at the Brattle Theater in Cambridge; Binghamton Student Experimental Film Festival in NY; Bakalar and Paine Gallery and Gallery 263 in Boston. www.youjinmoon.com


ShanahanElizabeth Shanahan, Solo Flash Mob

Solo Flash Mob features a character doing a loop dance on the tall part of the Marquee, with her head and hands popping up along the horizontal screens. A second year student at the New England Institute of Art, Elizabeth is a student of Amy McDonald.



LinJiaYi Lin, Disappearing Horse

Disappearing Horse features a horse and rider and draws inspiration from the moment in the famous Alice in Wonderland story when Alice drops into the rabbit hole and travels from one world to another. This horse and rider make a similar trip with video.  JiaYi, born in British Hong Kong, is an artist who is studying art and design at University of Massachusetts, Lowell.  A student of Ellen Wetmore, she has lived in Guangzhou, Honolulu, and Boston; loves dogs, old movies, puzzles, and enjoys sharing ideas with other scholars and artists. As an artist, she tries to capture emotion and experience.


LeeVivan Lee, Morph

Morph explores the conundrum of the circle.  Without changing their shape, circles can be manipulated into interesting forms by their environment. One main circle will travel throughout the screens. Accompanying it will be smaller-textured circles that will also travel through space against a richly textured background.  Vivan, a student of Georgia Freidman, is an animation senior graduating this year from Massachusetts College of Art.



2013 Student Art on the Marquee

The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA) and Boston Cyberarts issued the first student media art call for display on the Marquee at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. The first round of students were:

Inga Baufale, Invisible City, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

invisible_city“Invisible city” is an architectural metamorphosis inspired by the city of Boston. This animation illustrates an imperceptible city made of intricate combination of hidden places, secret walks, unseen buildings and obscure pathways. It is an endeavor to capture the notion of the city, the motion and dynamics of urban environment, intertwining the real and the imaginary. This animation represents a continuous progression- imaginary geometrical motion transforms into Boston’s skyline.

Inga Baufale was born in Riga, Latvia and later moved to London, where she studied Architecture. She currently lives in Edinburgh, UK and studies Fine Art at the University of Edinburgh. In the spring semester of 2013 she studied in the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston participating in the exchange program. She experiments and collaborates across the fields of art and architecture, combining traditional techniques and digital applications, in an attempt to explore the role of art in today’s digital culture.


Nicholas Broadway, Untitled, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

CrashMy animation is a very simple comical view of two figures, one red the other blue, both wearing helmets and pads. They each enter into view from the top of the display falling down on to separate mattresses which then launch then back into the air. As they follow similar mirroring paths the two figures fall, bounce, jump, smack, and crash moving back and forth over the full display until they finally fly into each other and fall back down the mattresses where the animation ends with them only seeing stars

I’m currently an art student at Umass Lowell, this is my first public art debut. Creating this piece was my first time truly making an animation from scratch and love ever bit of it. I’m only in my second year of being an art major so I still have much to learn. I’ve always had a lifelong love of games, and I hope to continue my education farther on and eventually make my way into game design

Emily Dewsnap, Different Beats, Fitchburg State University

Different_Beats“Different Beats” attempts to visualize music through movement via dancing and graphic vibrations. The dancing people change colors throughout and footprints on the bottom panels create a visual tempo. The message is simple: everyone possesses their own beat in a world that is also always moving and changing.

Emily is a recent Fitchburg State University graduate with hopes of breaking into the field of web design. While at Fitchburg State she studied graphic design, interactive media and also investigated the topic of video games in a thesis for her final year. She loves playing the electric guitar, video games, baking, and having in-depth conversations about silly/serious things.


Benjamin Gibson, Inked, Massachusetts College of Art & Design

inked“Inked” documents a natural and unique image’s creation through the physical interaction between ink and a blank canvas. Created by pouring black ink against white paper, the video displays streams of ink dripping from the highest point of the screens while obscure inkblots form on the screens below, all superimposed above a pulsating color gradient.

Benjamin Gibson is a 23 year old artist from Rockland, Massachusetts currently studying film and video at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Other video related projects can be found at www.bzgibson.com


Duvivier Guignard, STACKS, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

STACKSMy animation is about two robbers robbing an apartment. The Robber on top is throwing objects down to the robber below and the objects behind to stack up in a funny manner until its to heavy and interrupted by a bunny until the stack falls down.

Male, 22, uml student, graphic design major, Brockton, ma …




Dinora Justice, Zen Concatenation, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Zen“Zen Concatenation” is a collage and drawing-based animation by Brazilian-born artist Dinorá Justice, a current Master of Fine Arts candidate at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

The piece works in three levels of meaning: first, to highlight the possibilities of happiness in ordinary things that are often taken for granted: the flight of birds, trees, flowers, the wind. Second, to illustrate the idea of the inter-connection of actions in the environment and the importance of sustainable sources of energy like wind power. Third, to juxtapose the simple and hand-made with the electronic venue of display as a way of reminding us that electronics evolved to facilitate communication and improve quality of life, but nature and the simple things in life, like love and friendship, play a big role in keeping us connected to a higher purpose, as well as to each other.

Dinorá Justice is an award-winning multi-disciplinary artist working in painting, video, animation and photography. Her work is avidly collected in the United States, Brazil and Europe. www.dinorajustice.com


Ashton Nordskog, Endless Supply Co., Massachusetts College of Art & Design

Endless_supply_coIt is interesting how a large portion of our population acts upon things without considering the consequences. I turned the marquee board into a giant Neapolitan ice cream sandwich that is being eaten in large increments over the 30-second time span.  Along the bottom screens, there is a seemingly endless supply of ice cream sandwiches being produced from a factory machine and carried off-screen on a conveyor belt.  This suggests that we assume or expect that there will always be more to eat after we finish what we currently have, or that we want more before we even finish.  This also represents the repetition of consumption.  Will there always be more though?  What would we do if supplies ran out? This goes for any resource we have: food, fuel, energy, materials, etc.

The pop colors of the Neapolitan ice cream filling, the Endless Supply Company’s logo (a polar bear desperately grasping onto a melting ice chunk) attribute themselves to the pop art intention of the piece, and add a playful spin to a rather serious topic. My work should be looked at with suspicious eye; to see that more than just fun food art is taking place. Pop art that looks fun usually has a deeper meaning.

Ashton Nordskog, born 1989, is a transfer freshman at MassArt (college of art and design) coming in from CCRI and AIB at Lesley University.  He is working toward a BFA in Industrial Design. Pop art is his favorite area of study, taking cues from such artists as MyersBerg, Mauro Peruchetti, Claes Oldenburg and many more.  He has lived many places including Minnesota, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and now Massachusetts where he lives and goes to school.  He plans to graduate in the spring of 2015.

This piece was created as part of Denise Marika’s Social Practice in Video Projects class at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design; a class that focuses on how the fields of sociology, pop culture, comedy, anthropology, science, and politics fuel current concepts in art.


Annalisa Quagliata, She Rains, Massachusetts College of Art & Design

She_rainsShe Rains is a contemplative video that unveils the portrait of a woman seen through a layer of falling water. Inspired by the figure of the Sea Goddess Mazu, She Rains attempts to portray serenity and draw connections between the feminine figure and the sea within the Boston landscape, creating a dreamlike portrait that merges water and the female figure into the same element.

Annalisa Quagliata was born in Veracruz, Mexico. Daughter of American glass artist Narcissus Quagliata, she grew up in Oakland, California and later moved to Mexico City where she studied high school. She currently lives in Boston and studies Film/Video at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She has a strong interest in light as a medium for artistic expression and through film, video, and installation she creates surreal imagery that evokes a strong sense of suspense and wonder.


Jak Ritger & Dru Ritger, Autograft, Massachusetts College of Art & Design

AutograftVisual digestion is the catalyst for imagining the self. This immersion of images is explored through Dru Ritger’s digital painting. Jak Ritger used this work as the basis for the animation. By introducing individual found photographs and then revealing the whole collage, the act of image consumption is made virtual.

Jak is a Boston based animator and studio artist. He is a recent BFA from MassArt and hopes to explore the ideas of the moving image in the fine art world.

Dru is an art director and graphic designer at a New Jersey based design studio. He explores the issues of digital aesthetic everyday.