MCCA exhibits public “Art on the Marquee”  November 3, 2016, by Kiri Coakley, The Huntington News

George Fifield of Boston Cyberarts on bringing art to a marquee May 26, 2016, by Corlyn Voorhees, The Boston Globe Magazine

Boston Cyberarts to Premiere Five New Works by Women Artists for “Art on the Marquee” April 4, 2016, by Anulfo Baez, The Evolving Critic

“(Boston Cyberarts) has outdone itself once again by presenting a new round of works made by women working in collaboration with other women artists in the Greater Boston area.”

UML graphic students’ works ‘On the Marquee’ in Boston April 18, 2016, by Nancye Tuttle, Lowell Sun

The New Wave of Public Art  March/April 2016 Issue of Art New England (Print), by George Fifield

“This is the future of public art, not bronze statues of dead white guys and static plop art, but moving, changing media that reflect the times we live in. It brings the spirit of a city to life.”

Finally, Public Art is Booming in Boston December 21, 2015 by Mark Favermann

“Slowly,  with the completion of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (2004-5),  the recent Lawn on D (2014),  and the efforts of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy (starting 2008), provocative public art has finally begun to be encouraged in Boston.”

From computer to gigantic public digital art exhibitions in Boston  May 22, 2015 by Mark Favermann

“This amazing media art as part of the convention center’s marquee content is a model for future integrated signage and urban screens in both Boston and throughout North America.”

100 Artists & 6 Exhibits Will Be Put on Display at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center Jun 18, 2014 by Nick DeLuca

“Perhaps the most fitting exhibit for the Innovation District is Art on the Marquee – a rotating, 80-foot tall multi-screen LED media tower outside of the BCEC. Ultimately, though, each display is sure to pique the collective creativity and imaginations of the spectators who make their way over to the Seaport.”

Students Take to the Big Screen  June 4, 2014, by Sheila Eppolito

“For two years, Massachusetts art students have had the opportunity to share their work with hundreds of thousands of people – audiences only dreamed of by most aspiring artists.”

UML art students works ‘up in lights’ in Boston  April 30, 2014, by Nancye Tuttle, Sun Correspondent

“This is an amazing opportunity for students to show their work, huge and visible to many, many people. It’s also a fascinating story of mentorship — from one generation of new media artists to the next”

Boston-area To Do list – Lifestyle – The Boston Globe April 30, 2014, by June Wulff

“That’s right, you don’t have to step inside a museum and pay admission because works by seven college students are right there at “Art on the Marquee.””

Art Fuse Art on the Marquee game art     April 23, 2014, by Margaret Weigel

“The show takes about seven minutes to watch; the experience may change
how you think about public art, digital art and video games.”

Video Game Art Will Take Over Boston Convention Center _ Boston Magazine     March 17, 2014, by Steve Annear

“The first time I saw it last year, it was this incredible shocking moment,” he said. “You’re
building something and designing it and you see it on your tiny computer screen. But then to see it on a six-story tall marquee, in bright lights, and have that
many people see your work, it really is incredible.” -quote from Marquee Artist Fish McGill

Art on the Marquee flaunts game-inspired art on an 80-foot-tall screen during PAX East March 13, 2014, by Jenna Pitcher, Polygon

Computer Art Students Display Work in ‘Art On The Marquee’ UMASS Lowell June 5, 2013 by Julia Gavin

“Exposure to a wide audience is one of the most important yet nerve-wracking experiences young artists face. While most students show work to classmates, professors and friends, two of Asst. Prof. Ellen Wetmore’s Computer Arts I students will share theirs with an audience of millions.”

Cyberarts with a Steady Pulse – Gaming Culture Inspires Videos on Convention Center Marquee – Arts – The Boston Globe        March 20, 2013, by Cate McQuaid

“…public art to be proud of.  Boston Cybeararts’s fleet-footedness in programming work pertinent to the moment makes it all the more something to see.”

PAX East goes for big game – Boston Herald March 17, 2013, by Ira Kantor

“Digital designers exhibit their art ahead of confab. ‘This is the future of public art.””

Public Art Tour: Art on the Marquee August 9, 2012, by Mary Tinti, WGBH Arts

“Thanks to a clever and exciting partnership between the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority and Boston Cyberarts (with funding help from the Massachusetts Cultural Council), artists throughout the state have a chance to be a part of “Art on the Marquee,” a program designed to integrate the arts into a sign system normally relegated for commercial purposes. The initiative (among the first of its kind nationally) has been so successful thus far that those involved are hopeful it will become a model for public art/commercial partnerships of the future.”

Reinventing Public Art, Thousands of LEDs at a Time – Arts & Lifestyle – The Atlantic Cities July 6, 2012,  by Anthony Flint

“The visual muscle of digital art all but announces a potential transformation in public art in Boston.”

Electronic billboards can enhance Boston — but only where appropriate – Editorials – The Boston Globe  July 1 2012

“.. the 80-foot high video display outside of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center cycles through 17 different video installations made by Massachusetts artists, whose eye-popping works would fit in just as well on the walls of the Institute of Contemporary Art.”

Electric success – Arts – The Boston Globe  July 1, 2012, by Geoff Edgers

“George Fifield connects people,” says Nick Capasso, deputy director of the deCordova Museum and Sculpture Park. “He has a big network. And he’s the biggest optimist in Boston. I really believe that. He really believes that if you get the right people and the right energy, anything’s possible.”

 10 contemporary works to see now – Pictures – The Boston Globe June 17, 2012

“When it comes to public art, Boston still lags. Here’s an exception, in a fast-growing frontier for public art: video. The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority’s 80foottall, seven screen marquee is showing multiple videos by local artists, curated by Boston Cyberarts.”

Boston Business Journal, Feb 13, 2012, by Thomas Grillo

“Convention Center Launches Marquee Art…one of the first of its kind to integrate art alongside commercial and informational content”

Boston Magazine – Boston Daily, Feb 17, 2012 by Matthew Reed Baker

Art on the Marquee is the biggest — literally — display of the merger of arts and the convention industry that we’ve ever seen. It’s a joint effort by the industriously innovative organization Boston Cyberarts and the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority”… Art on the Marquee is “truly contemporary and forward-thinking – an image that can bring interest to the city and state as a generator of new art, a tourist destination, and of course, as a creative place to do business.”

‘Art on the Marquee’ inspires and challenges’ – The Boston GlobeMarch 22, 2012 by Cate McQuaid

“Art on the Marquee,’’ with its silent, monumental, 30-second morsels, offers just enough to capture a harried pedestrian’s attention. There’s something wonderfully transporting and stilling about them”

Art Digital Magazine, Feb 15, 2012 by Max Eternity

“George Fifield, the founder of the Boston Cyberarts Festival – a biennial digital and visual art exhibition and presentation of colossal proportions-has done it again, with a new public art project called Art on the Marquee.  This is Fifield’s latest collaborative foray, working in partnership with the Massachusets Convention Center Authority, who have commissioned visual art for display-in rotation alongside marquee announcements and advertisements-on their new 80-foot tall multi-screen LED marquee; located at the site of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in South Boston.  It’s a clever and creative use of the urban and digital landscape folding in as one, incorporating commercial and fine art in text and design.”

Dig Boston, Feb 27, 2012 by Bill Shaner

 “It’s exciting to see a city facility commission artwork for its ad space. It’s more exciting to see said artwork selected by a fair and open competition that’s put a spotlight on some local artists and given the growing field of digital art another platform. Good job, Boston Convention Center.”

BostInno.comn, Feb 23, 2012 by Lisa DiCanio

“Boston’s latest public art display can be spotted from a half mile away”

Dress for Sports – public art and so much more…

“For those who don’t know, there’s a big old, brand new digital marquee outside the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center; we’re talking HUGE – the largest of its kind in New England, in fact. It’s about 80 feet tall and brilliantly bright. It’s the kind of sign towards which eyes can’t help but gravitate and thanks to a partnership between Boston Cyberarts and the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority called Art on the Marquee, those wandering eyes are being well rewarded. Put simply, BCEC announcements and events are sharing the limelight with visual artists’ projects and the results are COLOSSALLY COOL.”

Creatives at Work, February 24 by Eileen Fritsch

Art on the Marquee Commission Public Media Art for Urban Screen in Boston”

Where Magazine, March 2012 by Leigh Harrington

“Boston Convention & Exhibition Center’s new 80-foot tall multiscreen LED digital display is the Hub’s new hotspot for contemporary art”

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