Art on the Marquee videos are part of the programming schedule on the BCEC Marquee from 7am to 10pm daily.

Mondays: Caitlin Foley & Misha Rabinovich, Total Jump and Corey Corcoran, Squeegee

Tuesdays: John Quirk, Chef and Jon Goldman, Village Portrait Project

Wednesdays: Christine Banna, One Step Forward Two Steps Back and Robert Maloney, Vortex

Thursdays: Susan Yao Li, Many Headed Beast and Daniel Murphy, The Intersection

Fridays: Corey Corcoran, Squeegee and Devon Bryant, Pixel Cascade

Saturdays: Lina Maria Giraldo, Something for the Ladies and Jon Goldman, Village Portrait Project

Sundays: Daniel Murphy, The Intersection and Susan Yao Li, Many Headed Beast


There are also five 4 1/2 minute looping artworks for late night play from 10pm to 7am on the Marquee.

Tuesday nights: Dennis Miller – Fill in the Blanks

Wednesday nights: Ellen Wetmore – Playing with the Moon

Thursday nights: Corey Corcoran – Zzzz

Friday nights: Dan Hermes – Air in Three Colors

Saturday nights: Denise Marika – Production of Expurgation

ON SUNDAYS, watch the entire collection of art looping from 8-10pm. Come on down to the BCEC – “the biggest art gallery in Boston!”

**Found video footage in Sarah Rushford’s Radiosonde is used by permission from NanoTV, Naperville Illinois North High School, Karolina Sobecka, David Stillman, and Page Stephenson.